WD•NY creative director, Jerry Boyle is a graduate of the world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Jerry’s innate aesthetic for design, his attention to detail and an eye for fit, afforded him early opportunities to nurture his talents. With over 20 years experience in the women’s contemporary apparel industry, Jerry is highly adept in the fields of trend identification, sketching and directing creative teams into trend right product. Among the American designers whose inspiration Jerry draws from includes Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, and Calvin Klein.


WD•NY’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,EdwardZhu,began his career in New York City’s garment center following an MBA from Baruch College ,City University of New York . His extensive background knowledge of yarns,fabrics,and garment construction paved the way for his entry into the fashion manufacturing business. His initial beginnings as a costing and production expert enabled him to become the sourcing “guru”that he is today. In addition to his production knowledge,Edward’s extensive overseas connections and sourcing capabilities allowed for him to flourish in the increasingly competitive fashion manufacturing industry.

The launch of WD•NY with co-founder and President Warren Donner in October 2003 was predicated on demanding premium quality control parameters,as well as continually challenging manufacturing standards. Edward’s expectations for unparallel fit and garment construction assures the finest quality in WD•NY products.His ability to offer a high quality garment at an affordable price has enabled Edward to steer the WD•NY brand to an esteemed presence in the global marketplace.


At every level of fashion a creative trademark drives the brand and is linked to the personal style and fashion savvy of the face behind the image. Warren Donner,marketing wizard and fashion guru is often seen strutting across Manhattan’s fashion avenue in signature style—slim cut jeans,openshirt,couture cut jacket,armload of silver jewelry—a look that defines Warren as much more than a fashion accessory!

After graduating college, Warren quickly climbed the ranks in women’s fashion design and manufacturing as a sales dynamo. Warren is an expert marketer with a keen eye for spotting fashion newness and delivering it to market seasons ahead of the competition. Knowing that ” knowing who he needed to know ” was key in understanding the business and marketing behind the fashion, Warren forged early relationships with key retailers,merging good fashion and business sense from the very beginning .Among the companies that he presided over include Oleg Cassini and Stephanie Queller.

In October 2003 ,Warren co-founded WD•NY with CEO Edward Zhu.Together,the dynamic duo has established brand recognition for the WD•NY label and achieved global sales distribution for the companies expanded product assortment.As president of WD•NY,Warren’s charismatic personality,fashion know-how,and creative marketing skills have facilitated strong retail partnerships,providing a high level of recognition for the brand at major department stores nationwide.