WD•NY’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,EdwardZhu,began his career in New York City’s garment center following an MBA from Baruch College ,City University of New York . His extensive background knowledge of yarns,fabrics,and garment construction paved the way for his entry into the fashion manufacturing business. His initial beginnings as a costing and production expert enabled him to become the sourcing “guru”that he is today. In addition to his production knowledge,Edward’s extensive overseas connections and sourcing capabilities allowed for him to flourish in the increasingly competitive fashion manufacturing industry.

The launch of WD•NY with co-founder and President Warren Donner in October 2003 was predicated on demanding premium quality control parameters,as well as continually challenging manufacturing standards. Edward’s expectations for unparallel fit and garment construction assures the finest quality in WD•NY products.His ability to offer a high quality garment at an affordable price has enabled Edward to steer the WD•NY brand to an esteemed presence in the global marketplace.

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